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The Power of Artificial Intelligence is in Your Hands

Seamlessly access information from any place at any time on any device
using voice or text with one single interface you control.

Gazunti empowers developers, enterprises and users to leverage the
power of AI.

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Take control of your AI future.


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The team at Gazunti has been thinking about what the AI enabled world will look like for almost 20 years.

Artificial Intelligence interfaces are now revolutionizing the way we access and engage with data across devices, platforms and languages.

We envision an interconnected world where AI provides the interface to all data and information without being controlled by the vendor source.

Our mission is to put this power in the hands of many by breaking down the barriers to access and implementation.

Take control of your AI future.


The Gazunti Application delivers:

Freedom: Simply access all your data from anywhere, on any device, in any language

Control: You choose what information you need to know and where you get it from

Convenience: Access all your information through a single interface

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Gazunti Open Source Is…

Free: Gazunti is free to use via our Open Source platform

Easy: Gazunti enables you to build AI solutions without AI skills

Empowering: Build amazing AI solutions for customers, the enterprise or just for fun!

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Gazunti for Enterprise is…

Efficient: Leverage your existing data investments with a single AI interface

Powerful: Seamlessly access both online or offline data sources

Accurate: Find contextual answers to critical questions with speed and accuracy

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Kirsty McCarthy

Kirsty McCarthyCEO - Runner

Kirsty received a BA in History from the University of Queensland, Honours from Monash University, and an MBA from the University of Melbourne, Melbourne Business School. She was a founder of Gazunti and served as the CEO of Inference Technologies Group(ITG). User Kirsty’s leadership ITG went from IP spinout from the Telstra Research Labs to a global company generating over $7M in revenue and attracting over $2.5M in investment. Kirsty has been recognized for her work commercializing Australian IP by the Swinburne University.

Kirsty McCarthyCEO - Runner

Kirsty has been working in the ICT industry for over two decades and has recently relocated to North America to lead the growth of Gazunti in that region.
Dr. Bradford Starkie

Dr. Bradford StarkieChief Scientist - Harley Rider

Dr. Starkie received a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the Curtin University of Technology, and a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Newcastle. He served as the VP of Research and Development at Inference Technologies Group before taking on the role of Chief Technology Officer at said company. He now acts as the Chief Scientist at Gazunti. Dr. Starkie has over 20 years of experience in mobile speech recognition development, and extensive knowledge with conversational artificial intelligence. He has 17 international patents, and is the patent filer for the Gazunti technology.

Dr. Bradford StarkieChief Scientist - Harley Rider

Brad currently holds eighteen patents in the areas of natural language processing and machine learning and regularly speaks on the topic internationally.
David Cannington

David CanningtonCMO - Marathon Swimmer

A seasoned sales and marketing executive with 20+ years global experience. In the early stages of his career as a marketing and advertising executive he launched consumer products in the UK and built leading consumer brands in Australia. Since moving to Silicon Valley he has advised hundreds of offshore entrepreneurs on US market entry, opened markets in the America’s for offshore technology companies, and built technology businesses in the USA. He is passionate about growing businesses and thrives on building smart, dynamic and hungry sales and marketing teams.

David CanningtonCMO - Marathon Swimmer

David is a marketing executive with 20+ years experience. He has launched consumer products, lead consumer brands, and has advised hundreds of entrepreneurs on US market entry.

The team at Gazunti has been working on AI solutions for decades. In fact, our Chief Scientist and CTO built his first Virtual Assistant platform back in 1995.

The core of Gazunti’s technology was spun out of significant R&D investments at Australia’s leading telecommunication company. Following commercialization trials in Australia the senior executive team now reside in the USA where they plan to build a leading AI company.



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